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Sport & Art for Key Competences Improvement of Marginalised Young People

What we do


Sparkle addresses the gap in the non-formal education of marginalised youth in four EU countries, reflecting on the importance of extra-curricular aspects of the arts and sports as tools for improvement of the youth key competences required by the contemporary multicultural European society.

The project aims to facilitate the inclusion of young people in any disadvantaged situation (immigrants, refugees, NEETs, ESL, rural youth, ethnic minorities) and improve their employability.

Name of the Project

Sport & Art for Key Competences Improvement of Marginalised Young People

Duration of the project

18 months, from 01.11.2021 to 30.04.2023

Project ID


Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2: Partnerships for Cooperation

Countries involved

Germany 🇩🇪, Spain 🇪🇸, Bulgaria 🇧🇬, Poland 🇵🇱

Key target audiences

Marginalised young learners: migrants and refugees, ethnic minorities, unemployed, NEETs and early school leavers, young people from rural area.

Associations of people belonging to the above mentioned groups.

  • Youth Education Providers
  • Sport clubs
  • Public Institutions
  • Local Community Groups and Authorities
  • Civil Society Organisations
  • Youth Education Networks
  • Policy Makers at local and regional levels.

Project aims

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Support marginalised young people by providing non-formal education through art & sport training and guidance, as ways of preventing social exclusion and improving their employability.

Capacity-building and strengthening the role of youth workers/trainers/coaches, increasing quality and innovation in art & sport pedagogical approaches, making them able to deal with diversity in non-formal learning environment.

Build close cooperation between civil society, youth and sport organisations, local authorities and the private sector to ensure the active participation of all members of the learning community in developing key competences of marginalised youth.

Involve the wider community in the promotion of EU strategies for life-long learning and social inclusion of marginalised young learners.

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