The project is built by organizations from four EU countries


BIDA e.V.Kultur und Bildung (Germany 🇩🇪)

BIDA e.V. Kultur und Bildung is an organization with the purpose of promoting youth and elderly care, art, culture, and education, using interactive methods for socializing of various target groups and also promoting the intercultural dialogue and development cooperation. Particularly, concerning the training activities, the aim is to gradually eliminate the barriers and to increase opportunities to access the community’s life, the labour market and avoid discriminations targeting youth and adult learners.


European Information Centre (Bulgaria 🇧🇬)

The European Information Centre works with various types of audiences: mainly with children, youth and students, academia, business, local and regional authorities, disadvantaged groups, minorities and groups in need, pensioners’ groups and cultural clubs from the rural area of the two territorial districts. EIC activity fields cover also serving as information hub for European integration information.

The JFC is a non-profit organisation with a mission to educate the mind and the body in order to generate the change, to advance community cohesion and promote empowerment within society at local, regional & national levels. Since 2001 the club focused its activities on the work with groups at risk of social inclusion, in order to combine with utmost professionalism the challenging task of sports training with the education in values, empowerment and selfconfidence, so necessary for better integration in the current society.

Fundacja Edukacja i Media (Poland 🇵🇱)

Edukacja i Media Foundation is a non-profit organization which aim is developing of the open educational society, information, consultation and guidance activities in the framework of the lifelong learning. The main activities are in the field of adult education and social inclusion through education by facilitating different events, discussions, workshops, courses – aimed at integration of groups at risk of social or digital exclusion.