Pilot workshops in Germany, 21-25/11/2022

The workshops were celebrated between 21 and 25 November 2022 at the wbm – werkstatt bildung & medien gmbh Suhl (Cooperation partner). The duration was 3 hours each day, including two short breaks. The participants were prepared for the activities (additional information and explanation for better understanding of the tasks). The recommended materials and resources by each project partner were considered in the preparation of the activities.

Total of 20 young people (17- 28 years old) participated in the pilots, from which 12 young men and 8 young women. Some of the young people involved in the workshops were refugees from Syria, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Libya, Iran, some of them with migrant backgrounds- from Georgia, Greece, Bulgaria, Rumania. All beneficiaries were from the province of Suhl, Thuringia.

Photo gallery: