Final Meeting, Laguna de Duero, Spain

Final meeting was successfully completed at Laguna de Duero, 24 March 2023. The meeting was attended by representatives from all partners from 4 European countries – Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, and Spain.
In the morning, after welcoming and presentation of the meeting agenda, the progress of the project was presented and then discussed by all partners. Very important point of the Agenda was the discussions on the project outputs, dissemination and promotion activities and also the issue how partners will use project results in their organizations.
Finally, Project Management issues were presented by coordinator. The project’s progress was evaluated and future steps were planned and decided.

Host organization: Club Deportivo de Judo Finisterre Laguna de Duero, Spain
Venue: Camino de los Barreros, 3, 47140 Laguna de Duero

The meeting gallery: